How To Clinch That Deal The Smart Way!

Planning a corporate event carries a great deal of responsibilities. It will certainly be a rather unpleasant or even disastrous if your guests cannot enjoy the meal that you have put together due to various reason. It will indirectly effect the nature of your business relationship on the whole. When organizing such event, it is important to identify the time span and types of food that will be presented. Identify the amount of time allocated for the guests to dine and the type of food that will complement the atmosphere you are trying to bring forth. It needs to clearly differentiated from the type of food that are been served at a party from the types they serve at a major meeting with VIP guests. In this case find the right food supplier for your event. 

Tips on how to plan the event

Find out and inquire about the various dietary habits of the distinguished guests. Find out the number of vegetarians and non vegetarians, people who have allergies, people who have various religious beliefs and also guests who have the need for gluten free and dairy free food. Corporate caterers in Perth need to be informed prior hand on these changes and ratios early enough before it’s too late. The meals need to be in correlation to the timings and the agenda of the meeting.

A presentation wise gathering and an intimate conference style meeting require two different types of meal plans. Suggest the corporate caterers of your choice to have a varied option in the meal plan and give a chance to present home grown or seasonal specialties. The general norm would be around 2 or 3 entrees, 3 or more salad dressings, 2 or more types of desserts and a minimal of 3 types of beverages. Be mindful when deciding to serve alcohol to outside guests. It’s always safer to serve alcohol at in-house events than third parties invitees.

Favor the scenario

Workplace is filled with various scenarios on a daily basis. One common yet crucial instance is when you have to negotiate and get a closure on a business deal quick and fast. This involved plenty of face to face contacts and negotiations, therefore it’s best to serve food that will not be stuck in teeth or cause bad breathe and make it an unpleasant event. During power meetings its best to serve food that are mobile so it’s convenient to eat while working. The best suiting option for this would be to serve the meals in clear lunch boxes as it is easy-go. Furthermore when it’s time to party and celebrate make it innovative by setting up variety of finger foods that will keep people coming back for more.