The Creative Uses of Olive Oil

Unlike caramelised balsamic vinegar, the uses of olive oil are mainly for beauty purposes. Olive oil is very rich in vitamins and natural acids. It has vitamin E and A, and has numerous anti-oxidants. Here are some of the beauty uses of olive oil.
Olive oil baths have been used by the most beautiful of our celebrities. To make an olive oil bath, use extra virgin olive oil, a simple 5 tablespoons and add it into the bathtub and that is it. It is a simple beauty secret that makes the skin smooth and soft. Instead of adding it into the bathtub, one can gently massage their body with the olive oil before moving into their bathtub. After the bath, one can remove the excess oil and dry the skin. Apart from being used in a bath, olive oil can be used as lotion. This does not require any complex preparation. Olive oil is used just as a simple body lotion.

On the other end of the scale, olive oil can be used in cleaning the skin. After a busy day, one can use olive oil to remove make up. It removes the olive oil gently and acts as a nourishing agent on the skin. When using it to remove make up, a little bit of olive oil should be applied on a cotton pad and used gently on the face. If makeup on the face is too heavy, apply the olive oil on the face first, and then wipe it off with a cloth dabbed in warm water. If necessary, the process can be repeated a couple of times.

Apart from the skin, olive oil is also useful to both the eyes and the nails. A warm bath filled with olive oil for the nails is a good way to make them stronger. Typically, it takes at most ten minutes to complete a session. Nails are soaked in slightly warm olive oil, heated up to room temperature. This treatment should be done once or twice every week for string nails.

Olive oil can also be used as eye cream. It is ideal because it softens the skin around the area of the eyes and softening the lines. To use it as eye cream, dab a little of it under the eyes every day before going to bed at night or in the morning. Olive oil used as eye cream should always be kept in the fridge.

Olive oil can also be used for the hair. Treating hair with olive oil is extremely early, and only takes close to about 15 minutes. When treating hair with olive oil, mix it with egg yolk and lemon juice. This mask should remain on the hair for about 15 minutes. After that, the hair should be shampooed and conditioned, leaving it shiny and smooth. Another olive oil treatment is to add some warm olive oil on the air and leave it on the locks for about an hour. After that, it should be shampooed and conditioned to remove the excess greasiness.